Our brand

The Will Ann brand

Beautiful and rapidly growing collection of childrenswear that blends culture with fun, innovative and thoughtful design. Combining carefully sourced fabrics with simple silhouettes, all our pieces are comfortable to wear. 


Made with longevity in mind, I make a conscious effort to ensure that all my pieces are of the highest quality.

Attention to detail

It’s the little things that matter and at Will Ann I believe that considering even the smallest touches can result in something truly special. From the buttons to the stitching and the fabrics, my desire is that this attention to detail shines through.

Cultural blend

British craftsmanship meets Asian influence; my deep roots and connection with Asia reflects all of my pieces. 

About us 

Finding myself in many countries and cultures throughout the world, I have developed Will Ann kids brand as a range of baby wear designed with a mix of traditional and Asian styles. My desire is to add colour, vibrancy and excellent construction to current and future ranges. To offer a wonderful gift for our treasured new arrivals. All of my products from knitwear, through cottons, wool blends and packaging are self-sourced with the highest quality and ethics in mind.

E. Charles, Owner/manager.



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